Hi, I'm Amanda

Hi, my name is Amanda and I'm the owner of Riad Reiki Holistic & Wellbeing.   Riad is Moroccan for house or home, and as my treatment and therapy rooms are based at my home, and my rooms have a Moroccan design, I felt that Riad Reiki was the perfect name for my business and what I do.

Reiki, for me, is a very spiritual experience, both for me and my clients.   With this in mind, I've endeavoured to make my treatments as special as possible in that you'll have the most relaxing and enlightening experience I can offer.  

Reiki tends to be different each time you have it, so you won't necessarily experience the same thing if you choose to have several sessions.  It works 'intelligently' by targeting the body and etheric body and going where it's most needed.  

You won't need to be undressed, or even be touched.  Reiki can be either hands on or hands off.